Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can Smart Cycle Extreme Games Work with the Original Smart Cycle?

So I'm doing some Christmas shopping online today, and I remember we've wanted to buy Sam a new cartridge for his Smart Cycle.  We got it as a gift a couple of years ago, and he really likes it.  It's a cool toy- he pedals while he's playing games on the TV so it provides some amount of exercise while he's enjoying the games.

Anyway, I keep finding these really expensive and out of stock cartridges for the games.  They're like $32 on with no Free Super Saver Shipping, whereas the same game labeled as Extreme is way cheaper, in stock and includes free shipping:
What gives?  I checked out Fisher Price's website, poked around a bit and called customer service.  After just a few selections in their automated menus, I spoke with a customer service rep who answered my question right off the bat.

What happened was, they came out with a new version of the Smart Cycle itself (now called Smart Cycle Extreme).  The old one is referred to as Smart Cycle Classic now.  The difference between the two is the Extreme hardware supports an ability to make the bike rumble when you go off road for example.

The new software triggers this rumbling, but the good news is that the new cartridges will work just fine on the Smart Cycle Classic.  I found this in the PDF for the Hot Wheels game:

Pretty good job of customer service for such an affordable product.  My compliments to Fisher-Price!
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