Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love on a plate

Three years ago today we welcomed baby Samuel into our lives with a bit of drama and lots of hope for the future. It's been much the same ever since.

Yesterday we attended his birthday celebration at school. He got to dance with his teacher, Ms. Sonia, and have his friends sing to him. We even got to see him and the class do the hokey pokey! It was rewarding to see him having fun in that environment, one into which he worked hard to acclimate earlier this school year.

Part of the celebration was sharing his birthday cake with his friends. Anyone who knows me knows that food is an important part of my psyche. Making his cake was something I thought about before he was born. It's a means for me to express my adoration for him in the only art form where I have any talent. Staying up late Thursday night baking and making frosting from scratch was my pleasure and gave me a time to reflect on my special little boy. Early in the week he decided he wanted a guitar cake and so that became my task. The finished product was cute and tasted even better than it looked (if I do say so myself). And rest assured: any cake from the kitchen at Casa Dwyer is undoubtedly trans fat free! Tonight he gets another cake for our family celebration. This time it'll be an electric guitar served, almost certainly, with a rockin' solo by Bob who has become very adept at riffs and palming thanks to the toy guitar Santa left under our tree.

Happy birthday, Sam. Thank you for making this such a special day!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday Photo Recap

We had a nice Christmas break here at Casa Dwyer (hence the lapse in updates to this blog). Here is a quick recap of the highlights:

To kick off the season, we had the good fortune of being invited to a couple of holiday parties. We had the even better fortune of having babysitters in the form of G-Pa and Sue to come take care of our little dudes. Here is a rare photo of just the two of us!

On December 25th- the craziest thing happened. Santa Claus came to our house and left gifts for our children! For over a month, Sam had been asking for a guitar and Santa came through big time. This thing is the most fun I've ever seen $25 deliver. It's amazing what Costco and China can do when they join forces. Here he is playing the guitar Christmas morning (on one of the rare occasions when *I'm* not playing it):

A couple of days after Christmas, we went down to see Grandma and Grandpa in Connecticut. Sam didn't need any prompting to pose for this picture with Sarah- he just naturally likes climbing all over her:

Sarah arranged for a group gift for Grandma and Grandpa- a "Presto". Very cool little machine- a printer that connects to the internet and checks for E-mails 3x a day. If you know them, be sure to drop them a note from time to time: Here they are checking it for the first time:

Happy New Year everyone!
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