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Go to Michigan!

This is a post by 9 year old Sam Dwyer
Sam with his largemouth bass fresh out of lake Osterhout 


This book is dedicated to My Dad because he takes me on these vacations, pays for them and plans them so I made this in return for him.


Go to Michigan! (not in the winter!) Yes I know it shares a border with Canada and in the winter it gets fffrrrrreeeeezzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg! Brrrrrrr. But in the summertime it gets really warm and it’s nice in South Haven (If you want you can call it South Heaven!!) Because it has a tropical environment with a harbor, marina, pier, a small shipyard, (yes a small shipyard!!!)

A sign at the jet ski rental place

And then at the harbor there is Jet-ski rental, speedboats, yachts and fishing boats. Plus there two beaches. The south beach, and the north beach. And two lighthouses. the red one which is older and is red, and there is a newer one that's green and has a small beacon that flashes on and off and the red one has a big beacon that goes round and round. The red one is on the north beach side and the green one is on the south beach side. Did you know that cruise ships from Chicago docked there! There’s also a pirate ship that goes out to sea and shoots a cannon into lake Michigan and sails back to the dock! Ok it might be a little hard to fall asleep but they only do it once. “But where do you sleep?” you ask well there are condos and summerhouses. there are lots of good ones including ones that are right next to the beach and the harbor!


The Mayor of South Haven riding in a car at the parade
In South Haven (or heaven) there is lots of fun entertainment. There is a parade where they throw candy, blueberry picking, cherry picking, fireworks, and much much more.

The Pirate Ship leaving The Harbor
The pirate ship is awesome because they go out to sea. Just plug your ears because they shoot a cannonball out of a cannon off the side into the water! People gather up on the piers and watch them shoot it. Now if you want lots and lots of fun then rent a jet-ski! Just think about it. If you buy one then you will pay a lot more money plus you need to give it oil and fuel and get it fixed plus you need a trailer to carry it around. So it’s totally worth it! Yes I know that the water can be pretty cold but it usually not too too bad. You can also just rent a bike and zip around. I've even seen people who got a moped and sped around. Wow that sounds really fun!

Dining and Food

Sam and his mom at Clementine's 
In Michigan “where will you eat” you ask. Well, there is lots of good restaurants like Clementines which is the most fine dining in South haven by my opinion. They also have the best onion rings in South Haven. Ok that’s also by my opinion too! Then there is Su casa which means your house in Spanish. They have the best tacos in town.
Everyone at Subs n' more 
At Subs n’ more they have okay pizza, great subs, cheesy french fries and FREE CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay they don’t really have free candy they just have a broken jelly bean machine that gives you free candy. We go there because it’s right behind our condo so we just take the elevator down to the underground parking garage, walk up the stairs, walk past the trash room, past the pool, out the back of the condo, across the street, across the parking lot, and in the back door. Can you believe all of this food? i better take a run! What if you want to make your own food? You can go to the Village market which is an everyday supermarket. looking for seafood?

Captain Lou's
Then go to Captain Lou’s. I think they have fresh fish caught off the pier! If you just want to get something basic they have Taco-bell and Domino's pizza.

Everyone on The Idler 
The opposite of that is the Idler and it is a restaurant and bar on a boat! It’s in the harbor and has great food. But what will you do for breakfast? Well, you can go to the Golden brown and get the best and only doughnuts in town. “What’s for dessert?”

Will getting to eat a Pig's dinner
Well you can go to Sherman’s dairy because they have the best ice cream in the universe!!! Wow can you believe how much food there is!

The People

The people in Michigan are really upbeat and kind they are never mean to me. Hmmmm let’s think there’s lot’s of sun so there happy. I’m not surprised because of all the good stuff!


In Michigan there’s lot’s of shopping from dollar stores to sporting stores. Here's great advice: DON’T GO TO FAMILY DOLLAR OR DOLLAR GENERAL!!!!!! Because at Family dollar everything is expensive (so it’s not a dollar store) and it’s dirty so don’t go there and at Dollar general It’s just expensive (so it’s not a dollar store either.) If you're looking for a good dollar store then go to Dollar Tree (don’t worry it’s a genuine dollar store.)

A nice patch of fresh Michigan blueberries
Like blueberries? Well then there’s a place for you! You can go to The Blueberry Store. everything there is made from blueberries. From blueberries to blueberry gum-balls! If you like sports visit Dunham's sporting goods. They have great sports stuff to play with.


In Michigan how will you get around? I mean transportation is really important. Well, it depends on how you get there. If you get there by plane it’s about two hours. If you get there by car and take breaks to rest at hotels it will take you about 48 hours!!! If you don’t want to pay much then drive because all you have to pay for is tolls and fuel. It’s worth it because you see landmarks on the way. If you want to pay more and have it take less time then go on a plane. The only way to be able to drive around to get places in South haven is to get a rental car. Just rent from Hertz. But if you can find a good deal and do a bit of research then you can just get it. And that’s how you will get around


In Michigan the weather is nice. Usually in summer the weather is hot and nice so don’t forget your sunscreen. But too much humidity brings a summer storm but that’s not too bad. Just bring along an umbrella. But in the winter it’s always cold or snowing. And that’s the weather report!


The red pier in the morning 
Okay so remember all that food? Well, you don’t want to get overweight do you? If you don’t I recommend that you take a walk through the harbor or down one of the piers to work off last nights desert. For a real athlete you can run down the red pier and then go over the drawbridge and down the green one and back to the condo!

Will skimboarding

You also can boogie board and skim board. But don’t worry it’s not salt water so no sharks. No salt just sand. And that’s why you should go to Michigan!


So if you want to go to paradise then just stop reading and plan a trip to Michigan!


Thank you Matthew for giving me ideas for chapters, writing “Go to Bahamas” and reading this over for me. And for Mason for looking at me while I typed this up. And to Mrs. Theriault for liking this and saying I could just type this instead of making me write more persuasive stories. And last but not least My Dad for taking me there!

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