Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Busy little bees and 14 months is a charm

Instead of writing on the blog, our little family was kept busy with many other endeavors. Here's a sampling of our past month:

1. congratulated Sarah on her new job working on Capitol Hill for this guy
2. accepted a three month assignment in Massachusetts
3. put our house on the market in case the assignment turns into a permanent relocation
4. moved our family cross country by way of planes, automobiles and the ever-faithful UPS
5. battled our first family cold (even our bastion of good health Bob got the sniffles this time)
6. left Sam for the first time for more than an overnight with Grandma Maria
7. finished paying our medical bills from Sam's birth (don't get me started on the inefficiencies of our health insurance)
8. visits to 1 dentist, 1 dermatologist and 2 pediatricians
9. got around to mailing Sarah's Valentine's Day present
10. vacationed on the Kohala Coast, Hawaii
11. Bob played golf with the CEO of his company and came home bleary-eyed from all the Mai Tais consumed
12. stalked homes on the market in our favorite Massachusetts towns
13. Zillowed all of those homes to find out if it will take a major shake up of the real estate market before we can afford to buy a respectable home in a Boston suburb
14. read this mediocre book
15. realized how wonderful my in-laws are as they stopped to help us clean baby vomit out of Sam's car seat en route to the airport
16. celebrated Grandma's 86th birthday in Connecticut with her
17. spent quality time with our nephews and their mom and dad
18. thought about blogging and hoped my readers would not think I'd abandoned the Internet
19. caught up with my friends, the Whiteheads
20. visited with my aunts and uncles who we'd not seen since Christmas

and last, but certainly not least, applauded our son as he took his first steps!
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