Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Product Review: Four Seasons Hotel Pillows

We stayed at a couple of Four Seasons Hotels this past Fall (their New York City and Boston locations) and I wanted to capture some of the magic of those visits by purchasing a couple of the pillows they use in their rooms.

The image at left is the tag from one of their king-sized pillows.  It's a little blurry unfortunately, but hopefully you can see it's manufactured by Phoenix Down Corp and is 75% White Goose Feather/25% White Goose Down.

A large percentage of the pillows we owned prior to these weren't quite right for one reason or another.  Some were too thin, others too thick, and the net of it was that it was difficult to adjust them to just the right height.  One thing I liked about the Four Seasons pillows was that you could adjust them and get comfortable with them regardless of your preferences for big or small pillows.  I would guess this is due to the blend of feather and down in the pillow.

When I was checking out of the hotel, I asked if they sold the pillows and they gave me a sheet of paper that listed pricing for not only the pillows but also mattresses and bathrobes.  The prices seemed pretty reasonable to me, and a little less than I found them online.  The King pillow was listed at $60.

I called up the hotel to inquire about purchasing the pillows directly from them, and see how much shipping was.  The number for purchasing in Boston is (617)351-2000Kevin in purchasing gave me some helpful advice- that for a queen bed, 2 king pillows work quite nicely because although 36" x 2 is 72" and a queen mattress is only 60" wide, the edges of the pillows tend to round off and the actual dimensions a pillow takes up is less than what is specified for the actual fabric dimensions.  Kevin also let me know that the current price on the pillows was supposed to be $75 per pillow, but since the sheet from the front desk said $60 he'd honor that.  I ordered 2 king pillows for our queen bed and arranged to pick them up at the front desk to save on shipping.

When we got the pillows, I was surprised how flat they were since they were kind-of shrink wrapped in plastic bags.  Once we opened them up they got much fuller.  When we first started using them, they had a noticeable gamey odor to them.  Kind of like how I would imagine geese smell.  We aired them out for a couple of days and fortunately the odor went away.

We've been using the pillows for a few months now, and I'm very pleased with them.  They're very comfortable and I'm always able to adjust them "just right".  They're pretty large overall, so I'm glad we didn't buy 4 of them.  They fill up the width of our queen mattress nicely.

Update: I just checked at the Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara and they use the same pillow.

Overall, I'd highly recommend these pillows as an option to anyone in the market for new pillows.

Here's a link to buy the pillows on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1YiF0Dn
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