Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just Give

This article in the Boston Globe magazine was a timely read for me this morning as I consider the start of my new job tomorrow. Going back to work was no small decision for me. One of my major motivators was a sense of longing to do something for those in need. The position I chose (and which I'm proud to say, chose me) is one where I can put my marketing skills and experience to work as the Marketing Manager for a children's rehabilitation hospital in Boston. At first I wasn't sure how someone trained and practiced in the art of enticing buyers to open their wallets could turn those skills into something philanthropic. But one walk through the neonatal ward, and I knew that my efforts to help run fundraising events and make the hospital better known in the community could really benefit this place working hard to deliver life altering, quality care to those who so desperately need it.

With all the political chatter lately, I can't help but hear our President Elect's Kennedy-esque call to serve our communities and give back. With politics aside, I say, count me in.
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