Saturday, December 20, 2003

Road trip!

The movers are coming on Monday and so this weekend Bob and I are packing most of our stuff and preparing for the upheaval that is sure to ensue when the guys from fly-by-night-movers show up. All I can say is thank goodness for insurance!

Once our stuff is on its way, the plan is to spend Christmas eve at Dad's house in Connecticut, then drive to Aunt Barbara and Uncle LJ's house for Christmas day. We leave the morning of the 26th headed for Arizona. Bobby and I are making the drive from Peru, VT to Mesa, AZ over the course of several days. We're gonna be making time so we can attend Rick & Kelly Dwyer's annual New Year's Eve party. We decided to take the southern route so we can drive through states we've not explored much to date and to avoid the inconvenience of weather-related delays. The drive should be something unlike anything I've ever experienced but Bob is prepared from the Dwyers' many long haul driving vacations. He's actually excited about spending days on end in the Civic together. I'm a bit apprehensive but he's already prepared with his CD collection, 5 books on CD and a head full of things to gab at me about. Oh yes, and thanks to our friends the Gendrons and the Gottfrieds, we also have a local classic to read on the way-- Jack Kerouac's "novel that defined a generation" -- On the Road This should be a road trip to remember!
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