Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Aren't you supposed to be working now?

Well, yes but I'm taking a lunch break. More importantly, Christmas is right around the corner and shopping is underway. For those poor souls who have asked for ideas on what to give Bob and I this year, I suppose I could revert to Bob's tired joke, "Is cash a good gift?" The answer: "That depends, how much cash?" If you don't think that's funny anymore I've added a link to my Amazon wish list so we can make this a more market-based exchange. I encourage you to do the same or else you will end up with a) another of the same gift you received last year or b) something I got off eBay. If we're real lucky Bob might also post his wish list since he's probably the more difficult of us (*wink, wink*). Anyway, hope your holiday season is off to a stellar start !

P.S. If anyone out there has an affinity for packing, I'm taking time donations from those who will do a good job packing our junk.
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