Saturday, November 20, 2010

Restaurant Review: Ty's Pies Delivery

They estimated 35-45 minutes, but took about an hour for two soggy pizzas from Ty's Pies to arrive Friday night.  The box says they make their dough and sauce fresh every day but somehow the puffy crusted result was reminiscent of Domino's.

We ordered two large pizzas - a Veggie and a Hawaiian.  The total with tip was in the mid-$30s.  The toppings on the Veggie were dominated by large stalks of broccoli.  I thought the Hawaiian lacked flavor and the pineapple chunks were too big.  I didn't think either pizza was very good.

I don't think we'll order from Ty's Pies again.  The pizza wasn't very good for my tastes, it took longer than I'd like, and I thought it was a little pricey.

Not recommended: 2/5 Stars

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