Thursday, March 18, 2010

Review: The Upper Crust Pizzeria Wellesley Delivery

The wait is over.  The Upper Crust Pizzeria, with locations in several upper crust Boston communities, has arrived in Wellesley.  Before tonight I've never had their pizza, but their tempting daily announcement of their pizza of the day always make me hungry.  Take today's by-the-slice special: Chorizo, carmelized onion, and banana pepper.  It's as if they're targeting me with a laser pointer saying: Come eat here! (I love chorizo and it's hard to find in the Boston area).

They opened the doors on their Wellesley location today Thursday March 18th, 2010 so we immediately rearranged our weekly Friday night pizza night schedule to try their delivery service.  I had a quick look at their menu and selected a combination we often order from other Wellesley pizza places: A large (18") Garden Veggie and a large Greek Salad.

Other pizza joints in town that we order from include Nick's Pizza (value leader), Bertucci's (still gets my vote for best tasting pizza and make sure you clip coupons for $5 off $20 or more in the Sunday paper), College Square Pizza (haven't ordered from there much lately), California Pizza Kitchen (more of a dine-in place if you ask me), and heck even Domino's when I'm in the mood for reliving the college experience (and their CinnaStix never disappoint).  There's no shortage of pizza in this town.

I was on hold for about 2 minutes and then placed my order.  They accept credit cards, which is nice, and told me it would be 45 minutes to an hour for delivery.  The pizza arrived in 35 minutes.  $33 tip included which seemed a little pricey to me.

The pizza looked pretty darn good as I hope you can see from the picture above.  The crust is on the thin side and a nice and soft for my taste.  Although it was large in size, the thin nature of the crust made the slices go down quickly.  The sauce is chunky with tomatoes.  I would have appreciated if the veggies were a little more well-done as the onions especially tend to be a little bitter when not sauteed completely or carmelized.  I also would have appreciated a little more salt or garlic flavor.  I don't think I'm a salt-fiend.  I rarely season my food with table salt but I thought the pizza could have used a little more flavor.

The salad was fresh, but nothing spectacular.  More ingredients than some greek salads we've had but pretty basic fare.  It included some pita bread.  Like many pizza take-out salads there never seems to be enough dressing.

Overall, 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  I'll look forward to trying their pizza again.  I'd like to visit in person for one of their special slices of the day which frequently sound irresistible.  I hear they have beer and wine at their Wellesley location too so that's a plus.  Great website too and a strong presence on Twitter.  They're rapidly expanding in the Boston area and appear to be doing really well.

Check 'em out:
The Upper Crust Pizzeria
99 Central Street
Wellesley, MA
Follow @UpperCrustPizza on Twitter

Question of the Day: What do you think of Upper Crust?  Have you been to their Wellesley location yet?


Anonymous said...

We also wanted to order the pizza. We've had it from the watertown location and enjoyed. The young lady that answered the phone was very pleasant and answered all my questions completely. I was also surprised when our pies showed up in 30 minutes - we were quoted 45minutes to an hour. Pizzas ordered were - The Uncommon Pizza & Margherita with Chorizo - both were very tasty. They were warm when they arrived but could have used a little heating by the 3rd to 4th piece. The big disappointment were the calzones - plain & tasteless! The dipping sauce that came with them was watery and very disappointing. With all the good pizza joints availible in the Wellesley area we probably won't be ordering from here again. Will try one at the Central St location someday? Maybe, it might stay hotter longer! We'll see.

Anonymous said...

We also tried there yesterday - kind of foo foo for me. Ty's Pies or Wellesley North End Pizza is much better! And a lot cheaper, too!!! For what we paid at Upper Crust - the quality was not up to par! I also got a calzone that was very bland. My fiance got a pizza and said it was good but he wasn't in any hurry to go back.

Robert Dwyer said...

Thanks for the comments folks! Sounds like our experiences were similar. Next time, I think I'll dine-in and check out their by-the-slice option.

I'll look forward to trying Wellesley North End Pizza- we've never ordered from there. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Wellesley North End is pretty weak IMHO. Then again you won't catch me eating at Nick's or Deluxe or Peter's anymore either. I think all of them are frankly barely a step up from Dominos.

Ty's used to be a favorite of mine - I used to eat it almost daily...I really enjoy their dough and the tomato sauce they use.

I seem to be in the minority in that I enjoyed my Upper Crust slices when I've had them there the past couple days. Great dough-to-sauce ratio, sauce had a good tomato taste...toppings were plentiful. It reminds me in a lot of ways of Sweet Tomato's in Newton and Needham, but a bit cheesier.

Not sure if any of them surpass my current favorite - Stonehearth in Needham, but Upper Crust will certainly do for a slice or two at lunch - although pricey.

Another pizza to note - Alta Strada is adding a pizza + casual bar downstairs apparently. My parents dined there the other day and returned with some free samples. The pizza (although we had it reheated that night) was delicious.

Robert Dwyer said...

Still haven't gotten to Upper Crust to try by the slice yet. I was tempted the other day but parking is a little awkward. Coming west, you only find out there are no street spaces in front of the restaurant after it's too late.

We'll give Ty's Pies a try some time. Someone else mentioned them as being good too.

I've had Stonehearth before but only for delivery. I hear their pizzas don't travel as well as some others.

Great tip about Alta Strada getting into the pizza game. I like that little downstairs area they have but it hasn't felt very, I don't know, "lively" in the past. I'll have to check that out.

Anonymous said...

I was anxiously looking forward to trying Upper Crust . My husband frequently orders from the Boston location for lunch meetings and always raves about the pizza..
We ordered to pick up, hoping to get the freshest pizza without dining in. We ordered 2 large pizzas and a large salad,enough for 4 people to share. The girl on the phone told us 25 to 30 minutes. We timed it to arrive at 20 minutes , which was a good idea as it was very busy when we arrived @6:45 on a Saturday night. Our order was sitting on the oven. As we drove home I knew we were in trouble as I had no problem holding the boxes on my lap and couldn't even smell our pizzas. When we got home we found 2 cold limp pizzas. Our large salad was nothing special, a lot of chopped lettuce a pile of grated carrots , a few limp plum tomato slices and 2 unripe cherry tomatoes. It was packaged with one packet of Ken's Italian dressing, a plastic knife and fork, one napkin and 1 paper plate. The pizza and salad was enough to feed 4 people but after a taste, over half went untouched, definitely not worth the 52.00 tab.

Robert Dwyer said...

Ouch! That's a disappointing $52 takeout experience. I keep driving by there and I'm tempted to stop in for a slice but the parking situation is surprisingly tough for Wellesley. Something about it being at the end of the line of shops that make it such that by the time you see it there's only 3 parallel parking spacing you can try for before having to pull some kind of U-Turn.

I think we'll try them for delivery again soon- but skip the salad perhaps.

Robert Dwyer said...

Update: I visited here for lunch the other day and enjoyed the slice of the day which was canadian bacon and pineapple. A delicious combination of sweet and savory and, like many pizza places, I thought the pizza was significantly better straight out of the oven than delivered. No sogginess.

I got the pizza/Caesar salad combo. I thought the salad was pretty good. It was kind-of prepackaged that morning but they kept the croutons separate and the Parmesan cheese was hand cut rather than shredded. Also included a lemon and all together was an above average salad. I'd take that over the Greek salad next time.

Again- a little pricey. $6.95 drink not included although they do have water from pitchers with lemon readily available. Am I starting to sound like a cheapskate? Hope not. I recognize it's a premium experience so I'm okay with paying that premium when I get something a cut above.

Free Wi-Fi and they have an iPhone app for ordering delivery or take-out while you're on the go- nice touch. I can see that being useful.

Anonymous said...

Have ordered take out 3 times and they have gotten the order wrong 3 times. Pizza is OK not great.

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