Friday, June 05, 2009

The garden

We've not done a very good job of writing lately. Well, here at least. You may already know that Bob is a prolific writer elsewhere. My writing has been mostly here. The least I can do in the meantime is share a couple of pictures from my garden. There are few things I love more than having fresh flowers in a clean house on Fridays to enjoy for the weekend. When Bob and I were on our honeymoon, a long long LONG time ago, the wife of a couple we met gushed to me about how her husband always brought her "Friday flowers." The idea seemed appealing, especially because they were celebrating something like their 25th anniversary. It was a sweet and romantic idea until pragmatic me started thinking about how much money goes into those shriveled-by-Monday tulips. For a short time after that, Bob kept the tradition alive. But these days, I'm happy to go outside with my scissors and bring something in that I grew myself. Here are a couple of shots of what was in bloom today. It's the same concept but instead of blow his cash at Kabloom, all Bob needs to do is take me to the nursery now and then, cart mulch, fertilizer and compost around the yard at my whim and keep the children occupied while I pull weeds. Now that's true love.
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