Thursday, February 14, 2008

A love letter to sleep

To my long lost beloved,

You used to come so easy
Refreshing and strengthening me
Though now I catch you in only bouts
Responsibilities keeping us apart.

Rarely are you mine in the daylight
Though I remember our time together
Till noon, a long time ago.
Will you be mine again, one day?



Christy said...

Yikes! You guys are moving in quite the circles. Local celebrities, wine festivals, organic only foods...will you ever remember what it was like back in da hood with your peeps? Go Fuller Falcons!

Robert said...

Hey Christy!

I was singing the Fuller Falcons school song just the other day:

"We are proud, to be allowed,
to be at Fuller School.
Write and read, plant a seed,
all at Fuller School."

And then something about:

"We are the best birds,
so listen to our words..."

(the bravado here always seemed strange- who were we taunting? The Rover Rams?)

If anyone can find (or even better *remembers* the complete lyrics, please post them. :) I know we have a lot of Falcons who check in on this blog.


Erin said...

No way you were taunting the Rover Rams. We were waaaay to scary to even think of taunting.

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