Friday, May 04, 2007


Hey hey! Warm weather is finally here and we just bought our first gas grill. What a great feeling. Here I am putting the Weber to the test for the first time.

It seems that there's no buying decision Deanna and I can't over complicate. We both swore that we didn't want anything special- just a basic grill. Grills get nasty after a couple of winters outside, right? First we went to Home Depot, then Lowe's- where we actually bought one. Then we got cold feet, reconsidered, and canceled the order with Lowe's. Then to Natick Fireplace, Sears and then back to Home Depot again. Then we ended up placing the order at Natick Fireplace. I'm finding supporting the local companies a more viable thing to do here than in Phoenix.

Did you know that almost every store will assemble a grill for free? But the rub is that an assembled grill is really big. Like- too big to fit in the CR-V. But have no fear- they'll deliver them for only $45. What a deal! Early Wednesday morning, while I was working in our home office, 2 nice gentlemen delivered and set up our wonderful grill.

I'm thrilled. Not only is it a great feeling cooking outside at the end of the day, but buying a grill somehow makes me feel more settled than even buying this house did. It's a good feeling. I've gotten more enjoyment "puttering" around the house and the yard than I thought I would. With baby #2 arriving shortly, I don't think we're going to be traveling anywhere soon. And for once, in spite of my tendency to wander, that's OK with me.
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