Thursday, July 27, 2006

Her way, His time

Yesterday should have been a celebration of 90 years of your life. What an accomplishment! You lived through the Great Depression, the Vietnam War and Daddy's permed hair phase. In that time you were independent before women were so. You were charitable even though you didn't have the means to be. You knew fun and adventure despite sadness and strife. I'm sorry you left us just a couple of weeks too early to see Sam's smile firsthand. But I'm sure the time was right.

Perhaps some thought it inappropriate in your eulogy I mentioned that my Dad was, in my opinion, your greatest accomplishment. Please understand that I don't discredit your other accomplishments, I see most prominently before me though that raising such an honorable man without a husband is something remarkable. Finding that laminated clipping from a 1986 Redbook amongst your belongings made me think you must agree. Remember the one? The story references a then-new study finding that a boy's intelligence comes from his mother. I think that was your way of taking duly earned credit. I know he makes you proud. Nevertheless, I hope you understood that I meant only to share my gratitude for giving me such a wonderful father.

Sarah made a beautiful board of photos for your funeral in case you didn't see. My gratitude will continue on as will those memories. I promise to convey my recollections of passing Skip-Bo cards from my childish to your long nailed hands. Early December I'll make those 7-layer cookies we looked forward to receiving from you in holiday tins. And whenever I see Canadian Club on the shelf I'll smile and think of you.

Rest in peace, Grandma Eleanor.
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