Monday, February 06, 2006

Two things for my Dad

The other day I figured, hey it's not too soon to start teaching Sam about the household chores. So I gave him a tour of the dishwasher and how it works. He was a natural. One look at how he inspected the rolling racks and examined the basket and I knew he, like my Dad, would be a dishwashing extraordinaire. Child labor laws you say? Hmmph!

Then last night, we had a little family Superbowl party with just the three of us. Sam, in his Steelers onesie, couldn't get close enough to the action even before there was any. That's the news my Dad will be glad to hear as HE spent the evening wearing a hat with a faux steel beam. Big football fan that I am, I just paid attention to the commercials mostly to see the latest and greatest. My favorite was the easy being green commercial with Kermit. If a company like Ford can go green, by God can't we all? Sorry Dad, I know you're a Chevy man but the closest they come to eco-friendly is green paint.
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