Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas cards come unglued

I have a new level of respect for professional photographers. As an amateur, I figured my lack of experience and technical prowess could be overcome by shooting an enormous number of shots. (Not kidding, the iPhoto count for November photos was 836). Thankfully, my subject was, at times a handful, at others an angel, but ALWAYS entertaining.

It was hard to find the one photo that was worthy of our 2005 Christmas card. And the one we did select might make some wonder whether Christmas stocking hats in Arizona were recently redesigned to be red and blue.

oh well.. here are some of the photos that didn't make the cut for anything other than this pictorial of one wild boy and his unwieldy hat.

photo captions top to bottom:
1) "Nah, nah... my eyes are closed and you can't see me!"
2) "Clap hands, clap hands! Maybe if I signal we've come to the end, she'll get that camera out of my face."

3)"You behind the camera! Go get me a snack! And take this babushka off me!"

4) "Look ma, can't you just take Barry the Bear's picture? Nobody will be able to tell it's not me."

5) "Take me inside, this stinks!"


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