Friday, April 04, 2008

Tree Service

We had the nice folks from JT's Tree & Landscape out to our house this week to remove some dead trees from our yard. Their methods were a far cry from my limited familiarity with tree removal (which comes primarily from watching uncles and cousins drop trees with little more than an ax and a rope at the family cottage in Michigan). Sam woke up to the sight of no less than 5 big trucks in our front yard and he was thrilled.

"Papa, there's JT trucks in our front yard!" he said excitedly. I have to admit, Deanna and I were pretty excited too. Perhaps it was because we've received so many quotes, and even when we accepted some of the quotes, the company would never return our call to begin work. Perhaps it was because it was 7AM and we were fearful our neighbors would be awoken by the noise of chain saws and stump grinders. Sorry neighbors- really.

The highlight of the job had to be the bucket truck, seen in action below. Of all the work we've had done on our little house since we moved in, I believe this one rates as the furthest from my (limited) capabilities. I *really* could have hurt someone trying to attempt any portion of this job. Mowing the lawn continues to be the handiest thing I do around here.

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