Monday, December 03, 2007

All Aboard the Christmas Train

What a busy weekend here at Casa Dwyer.

Sam's G-Pa and Sue came up yesterday and delivered the Christmas tree platform he built along with a toy train for the boys. Another great do-it-yourself project from the master (witness his previous work on our backyard shed here).

We all went out together and bought a tree from the local nursery on what was a perfectly cold day. Then last night, we had a few inches of snow! This morning it was nice to wake up, put lights on the tree, and watch Sam play with his new train:


Anonymous said...

Great job GPa!

Nick and Brandi said...

Hi Bob- I linked you blog to ours. I spoke to my mom tonight and she was busy reading your site. She's reading more about Sam and Will than her own grandchild. What gives?! Anyway, she sends her love to your family. I enjoyed your latest wine test. $20 for TwoBuck Chuck? Come on people!!

Robert said...

Hey Nick, thanks for the link!

Welcome to our blog, Mrs. B! Hope you're doing well- we miss you. We'd love to see you next time we're in Phoenix for the holidays. Next year perhaps? (we've sworn off air travel with the kids for the foreseeable future, so who knows for sure).

Nick- I think I'm going to repeat this horizontal California Cabernet wine test at least once more with different wines. Some time around Christmas- we'll see if the tasters are again able to rank order as well as they did in this tasting. If you get a chance to do a blind tasting I'd interested in reading all about it on your blog.

Shell said...

Love the train...Kenny's Grandpa Crandall will be jealous when he hears that some of our friends let their kids' grandpa put a train around the tree this year...he has been hoarding one away, awaiting our green light, since he found out we were pregnant with Kenny. =) I'm enjoying the wine-tasting posts, too! Keep 'em coming!!!

Robert said...

Hi Shelly! Thanks for the comments. Glad to hear you're enjoying the wine posts. I never know if I've gone off into the deep end talking about things people don't care to hear about. But it seems other parents of young kids enjoy wine too. Go figure!

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